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Powerball winner heads to work

Special to the Tribune

A New Hampton couple who claimed a $2 million Powerball prize last week said they first got an inkling about the good news when an email was sent out to all employees at their workplace.

COVID-19 numbers take an ugly turn

By Bob Fenske

Lisa Welter attended a webinar last week and received a bit of good news.

Whole lot of winter

By Bob Fenske

Remember December and its spring-like weather?

MercyOne clinic lands new doctor

MercyOne New Hampton Family Medicine is welcoming a new doctor, but he is one who some patients have already seen in recent months.

New Horizons to leave Main Street Iowa program

By Bob Fenske

School Board moves ahead with track project after refinancing bonds

By Bob Fenske

It takes time, but Board of Health seat filled

By Bob Fenske

The third time wasn’t the charm, but the fourth was for the Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning when it came to appointing a new Board of Health member.

Kuhn named chair after Hackman withdraws

By Bob Fenske

The Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors waded into unchartered waters last Tuesday before finding dry land as it named Matt Kuhn as its chairman for 2022.

Tracking devices keep us accountable

By Dorothy Huber

Anyone who has worn a fitness tracking device, please raise your hand. Now leave that hand up if you’ve done the following:

Eyes are critical parts of good health

By Dorothy Huber

Maintaining your eyesight is crucial in living a happy, productive life.

Well, that was cold, wasn’t it?

By Bob Fenske

It may not have been a polar vortex, but then again, the first full week of 2022 wasn’t tropical, either.

Tribune to move publication day to Thursday next week

By Bob Fenske

A little council history

By Bob Fenske

New Hampton’s City Council’s first meeting of 2022 was relatively “ho-hum,” yet it also came with a bit of history.

Committee will decide how to fill county seat

By Bob Fenske

School’s vaccine policy may not last long

By Bob Fenske

It may turn out to be the policy that sets some kind of record for least amount of time being implemented in the history of New Hampton Community Schools.

Nashua City Council approves drafting new contract with sheriff

By Kelly Terpstra

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